Comments: Research Opportunities

MIT Museum  

We are beginning the process of significantly revamping our online collections database (for improved access, searching and content) over the next 3 years. Comments from researchers would be most welcome. What sites do you find most helpful and why?

We are also contemplating a significant change in our fees (mainly to reduce or eliminate) but the process will take some time to be reviewed by MIT. At present images that are online may be used for non-commercial purposes without charge or written permission provided credit to the MIT Museum is given. We do charge for high resolution image files (which helps support the archives) but researchers but the challenges we have are less about the fees and more about the increasingly broad demands for permission to use an image in all media (including those not invented); anywhere (in the universe according to one form); in perpetuity. We would welcome comments from researchers about how images are actually being used, in what forms and for how long.

Finally, as the MIT Museum plans for its new museum facility in Kendall Square, it will have to develop an alternative facility for researchers, collections care and storage. Again, we welcome input and advice (and support!) for how best to maintain maximum access to artifacts and archives.

Debbie Douglas, Director of Collections,, February 2017