Purchase Information

Volumes 8 of Artefacts (Material Culture and Electronic Sound ) is available through Rowman & Littlefield . It can be found at https://rowman.com/RLPublishers.

Volumes 7, 9 and 10 (Illuminating Instruments, Analyzing Art and Aesthetics, and Objects in Motion: Globalizing Technology) are available from Random House http:/www.www.randomhouse.com/.

An author of a contribution to one of the volumes 7-10 receives a 50% discount for that volume.

Volumes starting with 11 may be downloaded free from http://opensi.si.edu/index.php/smithsonian/catalog/book/
Print versions are not offered for sale. A substantial number of copies are distributed to libraries. In addition, some copies may be available from the book's editors or from one of the three sponsors.

Earlier volumes are out of print, but their entire contents (with the exception of some illustrations for which permission has not yet been obtained) are posted on this website. See Publications

Copies are frequently also available via on-line distributors (eg Amazon).